​​​BBQ Plate Suggestions:

 2 meat BBQ plate: Consist of Fatboyz sliced rotisserie brisket, sliced sausage,

                          potato salad, pinto beans, bread or rolls along with condiments

                          (pickles, onions and jalapenos)……………………………………………. from $12.95 per person

3 meat BBQ plate: Consist of Fatboyz sliced rotisserie brisket, sliced sausage,

                          chicken (thighs or 4oz Breast) with same sides and condiments……….. from $13.95 per person

 Other meats available:

                   Chopped brisket, St. Louis style ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Pulled pork, Rotisserie style turkey or Pork loin. 

                         Priced according to customer requests.

*Disposable plates and service ware is provided with all plate packages as well as plenty of our own homemade Fatboyz BBQ sauce.

*Tea and/or Lemonade - Cups provided with both plate choices. 

Other Options Available:

Custom menus are available at customer request.  We provide a variety of menu combinations to suit your needs.

Fajitas – Jambalaya – Creole Gumbo – Etouffe – Party Wings – Smoked Meatloaf – Deep Fried Ribs - Steaks – Burgers and Sliders – Fried Catfish/Shrimp

Most any side dish can be prepared at your request. Our signature sides are:         
*Priced on a per person basis.

Mac-n-Cheese – Cajun Baked Beans – Country Spiced Pinto Beans – Loaded Mash Potatoes – Seasoned Green Beans – Sweet Potato Casserole to name a few!

We provide a wide variety of desserts to accompany your meal starting from $1.99 per person.

Personal Pies and Cakes - Homemade Banana Pudding - Our Famous “Chubby” (Belgian Waffle with all the Toppings) or just give us an idea.  Our staff can prepare most anything! 


Drop-off service:
*Delivered (approx. 1 hour prior to service time) ready to serve by customer.
*Please have appropriate means of maintaining heat temperatures throughout your serving process.
*Portion control is vital in assuring the provided amount of product is sufficient to complete the serving process.
*We can also provide disposable chafers for your convenience if needed. Everything you need in a 3 chafer package.

Full Catering Services:
All necessary equipment and adequate personnel is provided.  Service time starts one hour prior to client’s specified time to serve to allow for setup and necessary on-site preparations.  We allow 2 hours to complete the food service process at which time we begin a 1 hour clean-up of the area used for our service.  Additional time can be added at the client’s expense if required.  Any additional time added will be for entire staff in 1 hour increments and payment made at that time.

*Please note: A fifteen percent (15%) service charge will be included in the final billing on all full service events. This service charge covers the use of our equipment, kitchen essentials, buffet décor, energy costs, liability insurance fees, and all other necessary permits and administrative expenses. Please note that the service charge is taxable based on Texas Sales regulations and is in no way a gratuity for the staff of this business.

To assure your service date it must be booked 15 days prior to date of service to allow us sufficient time to prepare your order to our standards.  50% deposit required unless other arrangements are made and approved at time of booking.  Any remaining balance will be due on the service date.  *No refund of deposit if cancelled within 3 days of service date.

(Cash or Credit only unless prior arrangements are made)*If Tax exempt please have copies of necessary documents available

Catering  and Concession Services